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Kid Cowboy


After the ungodly amount of hours I put into 100% completion of Red Dead Redemption 2 all I had on my mind was cowboys. The timing couldn't have been any better as our second year pitches were coming around I hadn't yet proved my worth to the course. With these two things aligning i decided to write a short film about a cowboy and his horse. What quickly became apparent was that a horse would be expensive and time consuming. two aspects which student filmmakers no nothing about yet. So I ditched the horse and morphed the script to follow a kid who's alter ego is a cowboy from which the rest of film blossomed.

Following a successful pitch with the help of Chloe Law who would be producer on this project the film was underway.

Pre production came with its hitches as well as any other project. Biggest issue was that of us being student filmmakers and working with children. The law states that you need a series of permits to shoot violence (the fact there is a gun in our film) with children in public. we didn’t have that sort of time. So we played the game and shot on private land, outside our universities cafeteria. Working with children limited us to shooting on a weekend. Tight schedule and tight budget.

In preparation for my directing debut I read into the subject as best I can. What i had found was that directors are there to guide the performances to how they see fit. Directors that say to actors “be sad” “faster” or “more emotion” are lazy and aren’t going to get the best performances they can.

We were now ready to shoot.

The weekends weather was a mix of grey skies, freezing winds and regular showers. The last thing we want is continuously changing weather. This on top of members of the crew dropping out like flies mid shoot had morales low. Despite this the rest of the crew carried through and smashed it. Happy days.

The edit was reasonably straight forward and we used a little bit of VFX, not gunna tell you where, that’ll ruin it. We had music composed by our very own sound team to carry through that western theme through a dry sounding acoustic guitar. The downside to shooting on a windy day is that audio will likely be terrible. Unfortunately we did as much as we oddly to clear it up but some of that awful weather still comes through.

The film was finished and was praised by our course teaching staff and student body.

Was great experience with a great team. I’m very proud with the film we made. Check it out on the Vimeo link above!

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